Parking Rules and Regulations – You Should Know It

Safe Parking to Avoid Parking Tickets

When most people think of safe driving, they assume they mean this pertains to activities on the road. In reality, safe parking is just as essential to safe driving as any other skill you can acquire. Here are some of the most important parking rules and regulations you should keep in mind every time you park your car.

Safe Parking

When parking in any space, make sure you are in between the designated lines. Pay attention to the color of the space you wish to park, as this can indicate the parking regulations. White spaces, unless indicated otherwise, meant that it is safe to park. Green spaces indicate temporary parking. The amount of time you are allowed to park is usually painted on the curb. Blue zones indicate a space for handicap parking only. Parking in these spaces without a handicap placard can lead to parking tickets of several hundred dollars. And red zones indicate a fire lane or other area where parking is prohibited.

Risks Associated With Poor Parking

Good parking is much more than simply a matter of etiquette; it can also have real repercussions on your car and your pocket book. Parking contrary to rules and regulations can lead to you having to pay parking tickets or fines. It might even lead to your car being bottled or towed, which would mean you would have to pay a hefty fine simply to get your vehicle back. Additionally poor parking increases your chances of your car being hit by other motorists.

Limitation of Liabilities

When you park on someone else’s property, such as in a parking lot or structure, you are subject to a limitation of liabilities agreement. This is a part of the parking rules and regulations that ensures that the property owner is protected should something happen to your car. So, if in the unlikely chance that your vehicle is damaged while in the parking space or someone steals something valuable out of the car, the property owner cannot be held liable. For this reason, it is essential to remember to remove all valuable items from your vehicle and park it in a safe space.

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