How to reduce your Insurance Premiums

Auto insurance protects you from serious and unexpected expenses, should you get into an accident or damage your car. But while it has the potential to save you thousands of dollars, it is also one of the biggest ongoing expenses of car ownership in and of itself. While the exact premium you pay is dependent upon a lot of factors you can’t really control, such as your geographic location, it is possible to get your auto insurance premiums lowered with the help of a traffic school. Here are a few of the most common ways you can cut insurance rates just by attending traffic school.

Insurance Company Discount

One of the most popular ways that you can receive an auto insurance discount is directly through your insurance carrier. Insurance companies want their customers’ driving skills to be up to date, so many offer incentives for taking a defensive driving course. While insurance discounts can vary anywhere from 2% to 15%, you should check with your auto insurance company to see what sort of discount that they offer. It’s important to know that just because your auto insurance company doesn’t have an official policy of offering discounts for an insurance reduction course, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to work out a deal with your insurance agent.

Dismissing a Ticket

Another way that you can save on auto insurance is by getting a ticket dismissed with a traffic school course. Some states have a program that allows you to prevent a ticket from appearing on your record after you have been convicted of a traffic violation. With the ticket dismissed, the points never appear on your record, which means that your insurance company never learns about the violation and never increases your rates.

Removing Points from Your Record

If you already have points on your record, that doesn’t meant that you are stuck with them until they expire. Some states, like New York and New Jersey, have a driver safety program that allows motorists to actually deduct points that have accumulated on their driver records. With the points removed from your record with the help of a driver improvement course, your insurance company may respond by reducing your auto insurance rates.

Improve Your Driving Skills

While improving your driving skills with help from a safe driving course doesn’t directly reduce your auto insurance rates, it does make it less likely that you will get a ticket in the future. And when you are skilled enough to avoid tickets and accidents, you can be assured that you will enjoy lower insurance rates using nothing but your safe driving skills.

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