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About Utah Mature Driver Program Online

Utah Mature Drivers Course

Mature Drivers Course
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Utah Approved  Course

Utah Mature Drivers Course

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Mature Driving Safety Course Features:

  • You can complete the Utah Mature Driver Course in one sitting or in multiple sessions.
  • The course has up-to-date content presented in a neat and well-designed fashion.
  • Our customer support representatives are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.
  • Multiple delivery options are available for the course completion certificate.

State Approval

The Utah Mature Driver Course is State-approved in Utah. Completing the course will qualify you to receive discounted insurance rates.

Available Courses

Utah Mature Driver Course
  • Auto insurance companies are required to by law to give a 3-year discount to all Utah residents over the age of 55 that complete this course.

Course Information

The Utah Mature Driving Safety Course Online consists of 6 units, comprising of 24 total modules. This course aims to refresh your driving skills by informing you of the many new technologies and traffic regulations in Utah. The course discusses how aging affects driving, and includes interactive demos illustrating many eyesight conditions. Each chapter combines text, graphics, and animations. Better yet, the course was developed by traffic safety professionals with years of experience.

Final Exam

Once you have completed all 6 units of the Utah Mature Driver Course, you will take a final exam. The questions on the final exam are designed to test your knowledge of the material that was covered throughout the course. You only need to retake the final exam, if you score below 80%. You may retake the final exam as many times as you need in order to pass the course.

Completion Certificate

Once you pass the final exam, your Certificate of Completion will be processed.

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