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Texas Drivers Ed

Texas Drivers Ed

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Texas Drivers Ed Features:

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Texas Drivers Ed Online State Approval

The NDSS Texas Parent-taught Driver Education course is approved by the Texas DPS/TDLR.

Available Courses:

Texas Online Parent-taught Driver Education Course
  • This course satisfies both the 32-hour classroom requirement and the 14-hour behind-the-wheel driver education requirements.
  • Teens age 15 and older must apply for a Texas Instruction Permit after they have completed the first 6 hours of the course.

Teen Drivers Ed Course Information

The Texas Driver Education course provides an online guide for parents who want to help their children earn their Texas Instruction Permit. This Texas Driver Education course is divided into 8 units, each of which is again divided into modules. In units 2-4 of the Texas  Parent-taught Driver Education Course, your child will learn about the Highway Transportation System. The hands-on portion of the course is incorporated into the end of units 5 through 7.

During this portion of the Texas Drivers Ed course, your teen will practice driving with you or another licensed adult. Each module ends with a short multiple-choice quiz based entirely on course material. A score of 80% is needed in order to move on to the next module. Quizzes may be retaken as many times as needed in order to receive a passing grade. At the end of each unit there is a course review that summarizes the important aspects of that particular unit.

Final Exam

In order to receive a completion certificate, your teen must complete the final exam. This final exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions that are based on material throughout the online driver training course. 80% is considered a passing score in the final exam, with unlimited retakes available at no additional charge.

Completion Certificate

Once your teen has completed the Texas Parent-taught Driver Education course, his or her official Driver Education Certificate of Completion will be sent by email. Expedited delivery via FedEx is also available.

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