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Colorado Drivers Ed

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Colorado Online Drivers Ed Course Features:

  • Contains pictures, media clips and audio tracks.
  • Informative yet easy to understand.
  • Unlimited DMV practice tests with registration.
  • Printable behind-the-wheel guide.

Learners Permit Course State Approval:

The Colorado Driver Education course is approved and regulated by the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (behind-the-wheel training is not included). .

Available Drivers Ed Courses:

Colorado Teen Driver Education Course
  • Teens that complete this course will be eligible to receive their Driver Education Permit.
  • Completing this course eliminates the need to take a Driver Awareness Program.
  • Individuals taking this course must be at least 15¬Ĺ years old to receive credit.

Course Information:

The Colorado Driver Education program is specifically designed to help students prepare for the DMV tests. This 30-hour Colorado Drivers Ed course is divided into 8 units. Each unit is then further divided into modules. After each module the student will have to take a short multiple-choice quiz.

In order to progress to the next module, they must score at least 80% (unlimited retakes are available). The score that your teen receives on their final exam will not reflect the scores that they received on the module quizzes. The Colorado Online Drivers Ed course teaches teens the fundamentals of driving. Units 2-4 of the course teach your teen about the Highway Transportation System. The remaining units focus on safe driving techniques that will help keep teens and other drivers safe.

Final Exam:

Your teen must pass a final exam in order to receive their Certificate of Completion. The final exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions, with 80% being considered a passing score. Unlimited retakes are available on the final exam as well.

Completion Certificate:

Once your teen passes the final exam, their Certificate of Completion will be delivered via mail. After your teen receives the completion certificate, an Affidavit of Completion of a Driver Education Classroom Course must be filled out. This document must be presented to the DMV in order to for your teen to apply for their Driver Education Permit.

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